Monday, 27 June 2011

Oceans Rage

I fancied trying my hand at a more detailed ocean picture. I went for a crashing wave as the main focus to give the scene a sense of violence. I didn't intend to keep so limited a palette but i'm pleased at how it's turned out.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Refining Moment

Started out as an oil refinery silhouette and sort of expaned from that becoming more dramatic.
Hope the lighting isn't too dark, hard to tell on my screen, if it's too dark please let me know and i'll lighten it.

Angry Birds

The real Angry Birds! I just wanted to upload this pic as it made me laugh.

Koi Dreams

A concept based on the idea that when we look up at the clouds we imagine all sorts of things, but what would a cat see in the of course!! Hope you like.
(let me know if the image is too bright and i'll fix it, my screens been playing up recently and i've had some feedback that some images are too bright!)