Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Painting Dreams

Crazy dreams make good subjects for paintings!!!
A while ago I had this weird dream where I was standing int the middle of a busy city ringed by skyscrapers, as I was looking at them they began to explode one by one, in a domino effect, and some turned into trees and rocks, others bushes etc and a few turned into waterfalls, it was all a bit surreal really but the image stuck in my head so I decided to paint it!
This time round I decided to try my hand at a matte painting, below you'll see the photos I used for a quick mock-up and my base for the painting, then the final image. I'm quite pleased with the final outcome and i might even try to paint some more of the dream!!


  1. I agree! Paint more of the dream, that's a great image. Nice seeing the before and after.