Saturday, 16 November 2013


Quick update on what I've been doing. So although blog updates have been thin on the ground I've been pretty busy with a new show-reel and some painting commissions, portraits and a series of Ocean landscapes for a website (they will be uploaded once completed and OK'd).

I was recently asked whether I was going to do another portrait piece from Oliver! (1968), of Mark Lester (who played the title character), for a show called 'Consider Yourself at Home' as art work for the poster to accompany it. I had previously done a painting of Ron Moody (Fagin) so the idea was to have the two together. These painting will be the basis for the poster with more updated photos of the actors as well as the title. So I've finished up the Oliver piece and done some retouching of the Fagin one, (which I'll upload next!) Here's a link to the site, with a basic poster-set up.

I'll update when the poster's been finalised.

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  1. Fabulous!! So happy with the finished works of Fagin and Oliver. Jenny you are amazing!!!